Fundación Luces Panamá


Bank of Emergency Medications

The Monthly Medicine Bank program is the most outstanding initiative of the Luces Foundation, and plays a fundamental role in supporting more than 1,000 children and adolescents from all the provinces of Panama who live with epilepsy. Through this program, it ensures that these young people can access the necessary medicines for their treatment on a regular basis. After their medical visits, usually at the Children’s Hospital, patients receive a diagnosis, undergo relevant tests and are provided with a medical prescription. Parents or caregivers then go to the Fundación Luces window, where they can pick up the prescribed medications. The Foundation seeks to ensure that these medications are available to families.

Education and and Awareness Program

The Education and Awareness Program of Fundación Luces Panamá’s main objective is to educate society about epilepsy and promote  inclusion to create a more equitable society. a more equitable society. As part of this program, workshops and lectures are held in schools and workshops and lectures are held in schools and universities to raise awareness among teachers, students and the community in general about the the importance of inclusive education and respect for respect for people with disabilities.

Family Wellness Program

The Luces Panama Foundation Family Well-being Program plays a fundamental role in providing support and accompaniment to the relatives of patients diagnosed with epilepsy. Beyond answering questions and facilitating access to resources and medical specialists, this program has created a community called “Familia Luces”. Throughout the year, family get-togethers are organized where fathers, mothers and siblings of Luces beneficiaries meet to establish mutual support networks.

Surgery Program

This program aims to provide an opportunity for life to those few cases of children with epilepsy that can be cured by surgical intervention. The foundation works closely with the Hospital del Niño medical team to identify the right candidates and coordinate the entire process.