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Memories 2022

Message from our Board of Directors

This year 2022, was a period of restart, after the onslaught of the pandemic, which highlighted the importance of working together with a clear institutional purpose, focused on improving the quality of life of all those who live in the fight against epilepsy in our country.

This is what moves us and allows us to create relationships of trust with all those who day by day, since our creation, support us in one way or another to achieve the fulfillment of each of the proposed objectives.

Therefore, responsible leadership is a key element to continue on this path, but not only the responsible leadership of our Board of Directors or our collaborators, but also of each one of those people who voluntarily join us every day and contribute with their time and effort to help us achieve our goals.
contribute to this great work, with their time, their knowledge, their experience, their resources, in short, with everything that is in their hands and that contributes to help more and better.

Each one of them represents the spirit of solidarity, empathy and selfless dedication, which is the backbone of our organization. Presenting this report to you is part of our efforts to always work with transparency and responsibility, both with our beneficiaries, as well as with our volunteers and our donors, characteristics that have been a priority in our operations to date.

Thank you for sharing with us, through this report, our achievements and experiences 2022.

On behalf of each and every one of the families who benefit from our work:

From left to right: Natali Naor, Ricardo Brostella, Patricia Henne de Eisenmann, Keki De Dianous de Arango, Dr. Rubén Kuzniecky, Dr. Carmen Baez de Ulloa, Rafael Arias, Marie Giselle Millard and Alberto Pons.

Bank of Medicines







Surgery Program




Yuliette Bernal (Taboga)

Milca Long Morris (Panamá)

Maria Gabriela Cano (Colón)

Genesis Villarreal (Panamá)

Hilary Vargas (Panamá)

Maria Victoria Barrios (Panamá)

Fabiany Vergara (Chiriquí)

Elianys Guzmán (Panamá)

This life-saving day was made possible thanks to the support of.

Family Welfare Program

Train ride

In January 2022 a family get-together was held with LUCES beneficiaries and their caregivers thanks to Panama Canal Railway, a company that transported the families to Colon for a fun and different day.

Plin Plin

In March 2022, a family afternoon was organized with Plin Plin the clown so that the children benefited by LUCES could enjoy with their families.

Theater Night

In September 2022, the Hebrew Academy of Panama allowed us to take children from the Foundation to enjoy a fun play.

Special Moments.

Awards Nomination Panamá en Positivo

It is a great honor for Fundación Luces to have been nominated in the category “NGO in Positive” in the Panama in Positive Awards 2022. This nomination is a recognition of our hard work and commitment to generate a positive impact on Panamanian society, especially in the care and support of children with epilepsy.

Participation in XI CSR Week of CSR

On behalf of the Luces Foundation, the executive director, Marie Giselle Millard, participated in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Week, organized by SUMARSE, the main corporate social responsibility guild in Panama. Her active participation in this event is part of our strategic plan for continuous training and growth of the organization’s personnel.

TEDx Amador

The Executive Director of Fundación Luces Panamá, Marie Millard, was invited to be a speaker at TEDx Amador. This recognition fills us with pride, as it shows that the collaborators of our foundation are being recognized as people who generate a positive impact on society.

Specialized Institute of Integral Neurodevelopment

In 2022, Fundación Luces Panamá played a key role in formalizing the opening of the Instituto Especializado de Neurodesarrollo Integral de Panamá (IENDI). The IENDI aims to become a reference entity in the detection and early intervention of neurodevelopmental disorders in children in our country.

Enactment of Law 242 of October 13, 2021

regulating the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis. of cannabis. The Luces Foundation has been an active advocate for the creation and enactment of Law 242 of October 13, 2021, which regulates the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis in order to provide people with epilepsy and other diseases the opportunity to access treatments that have proven to have positive effects, in those cases where other methods have not been effective.
positive effects, in those cases in which other methods have not been effective. eficaces.

"A candle does not loses its light by sharing sharing it with another."

Collection and Sustainability

Annual Grand Bingo

March 2022

Our annual Bingo event is a major fundraising activity in which we offer tickets for participation and are supported by sponsors both in cash and in-kind prizes.


Total Collected


We conducted a campaign to collect donations of clothing in good condition and new, never used items. We received a wide variety of items for sale at our CLOSET 2 HELP event. our CLOSET 2 HELP event.


Total Collected

Noche de Luces

October 2022

La Noche de Luces was a memorable event that captured the essence of Panama, with the participation of outstanding national chefs and musicians, This event allowed us to raise funds, and the opportunity to celebrate with the community of Fundación Luces Panama. This event allowed us to raise funds, and the opportunity to celebrate with the community of Fundación Luces Panama.


Total Collected


Participants in the event