Fundación Luces Panamá

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More Hope

Luces Foundation

LUCES is a foundation dedicated to the fight against epilepsy, and whose objective is to create different strategies through its patients and parents to offer the necessary support on the subject of epilepsy, educating and providing information to patients and their families, as well as creating an emergency medicine center.

When you give your contribution, many things changes in the life of a child

Get your medicine

Improve your quality of life

Your opportunities grow

The fact that currently between 40% and 50% of the population of patients with epilepsy do not have access to medicines, has made it our objective to create an Emergency Medicines Bank, with which patients can supply their medication needs and get the treatment they deserve.

How to Donate?

Your contribution can continue to improve the life of a child and give him more hope, from the smalies contribution you will contribute to being part of this beautiful getsure. We have varius donation platforms, from Yappy, Bank transfer, to directly in your offices.