Lourdes Arias de Endara had her first convulsion at the age of four. "That was critical. I understand that it lasted much longer than a minute and even caused a respiratory arrest," she says. Since then, she has received medication.

"At 18, she entered Florida State University here in Panama and had another convulsion. It was then that she sought help from Dr. Kuzniecky, who diagnosed her with temporal lobe epilepsy.

She continued on medication for another two years and, before traveling to North Carolina to continue her studies in Business Administration, she had another seizure while doing an internship. The situation had become unbearable so she traveled to see Dr. Kuzniecky again.

Shortly after, she entered Elon University where her dream of graduating was finally materializing when, starting her college life away from home, she had another seizure. However, Luli didn't panic and learned to recognize body signals when seizures were coming. In January 2008, she ended her career in the United States. Due to these seizures both in college and in her first professional experience, she returned to see Dr. Kuzniecky a third time, who gave her much more in-depth examinations.

She was operated again in September 2008 and her life changed afterwards. Today, without epilepsy, she is married, mother of Daniel Andres, a beautiful healthy one-year-old baby, drives her car, works in the Human Resources Department of a multinational consulting and advisory company, and lives a completely normal life.

Information courtesy of: General Bank of Panama