He was born seven months old and 15 days after birth I took him to the pediatrician because I noticed that he had some white spots on his face, which were not normal. His left eye also moved, rolled back and was irritated. I wondered: Why is that happening?" And it was that the child was convulsing and I didn't know", recalls Mónica Núñez, Manuel's mother.

This program benefited Manuel Gómez Núñez, an 11-year-old boy, who suffers from mild retardation and tuberous sclerosis, which causes convulsive syndrome. From there, he was sent to Dr. Baez, who diagnosed him with epilepsy and sent him medication from the age of seven months. However, as he grew older the seizures became stronger and more frequent. "He didn't sleep well, he had cramps, his lips were white and he told me many times he had headaches," says Monica.

Ten years passed, until May 5, 2014, when he was operated by Dr. Baez's team in one of the first sessions he started with Dr. Kuzniecky. "They performed an MRI where they saw the number of tumors and Dr. Kuzniecky told me that the ones that looked bigger were the ones that had the possibility of being removed, but when they did the surgery he told me that they had only been able to remove the largest, because the others endangered him," says Ms. Gomez.

According to Dr. Baez, Manuel received a frontal hamartoma resection. A year and a half after the operation, Manuel's seizures have decreased considerably, allowing him to lead a healthier life. "Thanks to the operation, he sleeps peacefully all night, goes to school and is not so aggressive, because he used to attack himself, he attacked you and wanted to destroy everything. Now he is more relaxed and social," his mother claims."

Information courtesy of: General Bank of Panama